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Dove Hunting Season in North Texas

By September 3, 2010

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Dove hunting is huge in Texas. Everyone I know talks about it for months. Even though September 1 was "Opening Day," most hunters won't be out in full force until the weekend. If you're anywhere near a hunt, it will sound like the fourth of July. There are places where people can hunt legally in the DFW area -- even within the city limits of Frisco.

And yes, I'm a super cool wife (born in Texas, own hunting land, even approve of the sport). Last night after our daughter went to bed, my husband gave me a refresher course on the proper stance, the proper way to eyeball that moving target and general safety tips. (Good idea, huh?)

So Much For Birds, Barbecue and Bros
I practiced loading and unloading shells in my master bathroom -- in front of the mirror. I stared down the length of the shotgun. I'm ready. Isn't that what every "normal" wife does? My husband and I often drive down the city streets and he quizzes me: "Dove or Tweety?" "Tweety" is the term our friends use for anything that's not a dove. In other words, don't shoot at the tweetys. Only shoot at dove.

Don't Get Your Feathers All Ruffled
Don't worry. I've only made a few birds angry. Do you know how hard it is to hit something that's flying away from you at 50 mph? I peppered a few dove -- only made them fly away faster. I really blew away some leaves off the pecan trees last year. I go to spend time with friends at our ranch and enjoy the barbecue feast they prepare.


The Impossible Dream
I did envision getting my first dove this year. Using my Dad's 20-guage I'll shoot my first bird. And once I do bag that bird, there's a good chance I'll cry like a baby in front of 20-25 male hunters. I always thought of myself as a pretty tough person. But one time I couldn't even get rid of a teeny mouse in the garage because I kept thinking of Michael J. Fox's voice from the movie "Stuart Little." He was a cute little mouse and he drove a car. Now why would my dove-hunting experience be any different?

Fear me dove. But fly very fast and erratically. You'll be safe. I'll keep you posted on my results.

License Information:
You can't go hunting without a license or you could be severely fined. A 2010-11 hunting license costs $25 but it isn't the only document dove hunters need. Texas requires everyone ages 17-and-up to also obtain a Texas migratory game bird stamp endorsement on their license, which is another $7.

You don't have to hunt very hard for a license. They're available at most sporting goods stores like Academy Sports + Outdoors. For general license questions, please call TPWD Headquarters in Austin at (800) 792-1112. Be safe.


September 5, 2010 at 7:54 pm
(1) Jack says:

Thanks very much for giving us your “women’s point of view” ! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you to get your first dove this year !! You deserve it. Your “balanced” view of dove hunting, i.e. hunting, conservation, friends and family (and bar-b-que) is great.
Both my daughters enjoy hunting and we have spent many happy hours sharing the great outdoors together. Now the grandkids are getting old enough to start enjoying God’s boundiful outdoors. The sunrises and sunsets are the best !!
BTW: The state also required for anyone born after Sept. 2, 1971 to complete the Hunter’s Education Course (and have the certificate on you). It is not required to purchase a hunting license but it is required when hunting. Anyone can check the TP&W website for list of locations for the course. (www.tpwd.state.tx.us.
Shoot Straight and Be Safe.

September 7, 2010 at 7:54 pm
(2) Chris T says:

thanks for sharing! I am a sophomore at tcu and am looking for good dove hunting areas. Do you know where I can hunt in the fort worth area? I went on saturday in Glen Rose near Grandbury but the doves were not flying to often.

September 12, 2010 at 11:21 am
(3) patrick says:

You can buy a public hunting pass type 2 I think for about fourty bucks and it gives you acess to land all over the state with lots of game. There’s a couple spots close to the metroplex but they are hunted pretty hard. Lake ray roberts is probbaly your best bet for lots of birds.

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