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Angela Patterson

Taco Cabana's Brisket Tacos are Back!

By May 2, 2011

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Some of us have been waiting months for our favorite drive-thru snack to make an appearance at fast-food restaurants throughout the state. Taco Cabana's Brisket Tacos returned to the menu last week and I just got a chance to sample my first one today. The verdict: it was worth the wait -- but I don't like to wait.

I consider myself both a brisket and a taco aficionado. My friends heard me complain that my Good Friday Brisket was tough because my husband bought a trimmed brisket (you need the fat to make it cook just right). Emeril Lagasse may say that pork fat rules -- but this native Texan says that brisket fat is absolutely necessary. And I learned a secret or two from restaurateur Monica Greene about how to get rid of fat when a brisket is cooking when I visited the opening of her newest restaurant, b.e.e -- best enchilada ever. And her brisket enchilada was divine. 

I'll stand by a statement that I made over one year ago regarding the Top 10 Tacos in Dallas: the best brisket taco that I've ever had is at Mia's. However, for fast food Taco Cabana puts out a pretty decent hickory-smoked taco for a reasonable price. It's plain and simple: just meat and flour tortilla. You can add salsa or queso and kick it up a notch with jalapeños or fresh cilantro.


A single brisket taco is $1.99. (Saying a la carte doesn't sound right when discussing Tex-Mex). Two brisket tacos with chips and either queso or guacamole with a 20-oz drink is $5.99. Can't get enough of the barbecue? Try a little coffee and a brisket and egg taco the next morning you're on the hunt for breakfast.

Nutritional Value:
The brisket taco is lower in fat, calories and sodium than your typical fast-food fare. One brisket taco in the standard flour tortilla has 250 calories, 12 grams of fat and 640 mg of sodium. If you want to reduce calories further, ask for corn tortillas instead of flour. You'll save 2 grams of fat, 50 calories and a lot of sodium too.

A bean and cheese taco has 300 calories and 14 grams of fat. Surprised? Don't be -- it's not exactly a vegetarian-approved meal. There might just be a little bacon seasoning those beans. Maybe pork fat does rule.

Coming Soon
Taco Cabana rolled out the delicous Street Tacos some time ago. Street Tacos are currently only available in beef (skirt steak). They come in corn tortillas and are topped with onions, cilantro and you just need to squeeze the lime to finish it off. Street Tacos with chicken are being tested right now in Dallas and will hopefully make it to the menu in the next month or two.

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