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"GCB" Off to Gossipy, Raunchy, Judgmental Start

By March 5, 2012

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Heaven help us. Wow! That was a raunchy an interesting way to start a series. GCB premiered tonight on ABC and it was a lot wilder than I even imagined. And raunchier.

I wrote earlier about the show's background. I'm wondering now if instead of "Good" it should have been named "Gossipy" or "Gossipy, Judgmental." Maybe I'm being judgmental. I thought it was funny. But you know the series is going to be good if Darren Star's involved (Sex and the City). He's producing the show along with Steel Magnolias writer Robert Harling.

The show starts off with an unfortunate car accident in which Amanda Vaughn's husband dies. And let's just say it was one vehicle and he wasn't alone. All I'm going to say is at least he died happy.

Amanda Vaughn
With nowhere to turn, the new widow decides to go back home -- after saying she'll never go back to Dallas. Amanda and her kids end up moving from California back to Big D. She is met by a judgmental mother, whose first words were "Darling! What do you have on?" (I've heard of judgmental mothers like that - wink, wink).

Ok, I'll dish. After my first month at Texas Tech, I showed up at my high school's football game and my mother said, "Put some lipstick on. You look like you need a blood transfusion." Now that's Texan. To this day, I don't go anywhere without checking my lipstick.

Ok, here is the first tip that this show has some real Texas influences. When describing her mother, Amanda Vaughn said, "My mother is a meddling, overbearing, smothering nightmare who disapproved of me." That's legit. Texans always use multiple words when describing something. "That two-timing, no-good, cheat of a boyfriend!" (That's just a made-up example).

But Sweet Tea and Churros? Ok, that had to come from Mr. Harling. Honey, it's iced tea (no sugar) and Sprinkles if you're living in certain zip codes.

I love Annie Potts. She's perfect for Amanda's Mom. Potts is a great cast for the role. She was a sassy gal in Designing Women, and quite the pistol in Texasville, the Peter Bogdonovich sequel to The Last Picture Show.

Gotta love Potts' lines.  "You should never reject a gift. I taught you to be polite." I like the way she thinks. And regarding Vaughn's daughter's appearance, "She just needed a little Texifying. Big hair's a sign of confidence and confidence never goes out of style." (She also purchased a new bra - that fits - for her granddaughter, showing off what the Good Lord gave her. Amanda was not happy.

Gossipy Neighbors
Carlene  (Kristen Chenoweth) might not have been the most beautiful person in high school, but she's been a big supporter of Dallas' plastic surgery facilities and spas. She makes a  habit of peeping through the Hubble Telescope (or a similar model) to see what's going on down the street. Who gossips in Dallas? Nobody, right? Wrong.

Sharon (Jennifer Aspen) is a former beauty queen who now handles stress by indulging in ice cream and fried Twinkies. Well, you can't blame the girl. DFW has the best food in the world.

The show has some potential to be funny if the writing continues to be snappy and the characters don't get too hypocritical. The women from GCB may make the Desperate Housewives look like saints.

Heaven help us.

GCB airs at 9 p.m. Sundays on ABC.

So what did you think of the show? Vote in my poll.


March 5, 2012 at 2:25 am
(1) Christine Cadena says:

Great recap, Ang! And I actually agree….and remember, that WE never go without our lipstick. ;) .

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