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Hurricane Sandy Wreaks Havoc on the Northeast

By October 29, 2012

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As Hurricane Sandy hovers over the Northeast, I'm watching it all unfold on WABC in New York.  I'm wrapped up in the live coverage of a building known as "a billionaire's haven" -- under construction at 57th and 7th -- where a crane collapsed and has been dangling overhead for the past few hours and all eyes and thoughts are on this dangerous situation right now. (No Jersey Shore reference intended). Emergency workers are on the scene and streets have been cleared as a precaution. If the crane falls to the ground, it could go below the surface and strike gas lines -- causing a huge explosion.

New York is calling it the "Storm of the Century -- The Perfect Storm. A hurricane combined with a Noreaster and a full moon. Tides are rising, waves are surging, the wind is blowing and the rains are falling. And it's not even High Tide yet. All five boroughs have called for evacuations. The power of the Atlantic Ocean is incredible -- and exactly what was predicted.

Numerous friends have posted their concern for their friends and family and everyone in the Northeast through social media today. I even emailed a friend in Manhattan just to check on the situation for myself.

One friend who grew up in Maryland posted the following on Facebook: "Saw what looked like 50 electrical trucks headed east on George Bush this morning. One had a sign that read "Here we come Sandy". Take comfort Maryland, Texas is on its way." How cool is that? Texas always responds in the wake of an emergency with great pride. (And I made a lame joke that it was despite the outcome of the Orioles-Rangers series). You can always count on the great people of Texas to rally the troops.

Countless people have been stranded both in the northeast as well as at DFW. One Dallas high school group is stranded in NYC after attending a mock trial competition.

Update: My NY buddy said that while he and the folks in his building are fine right now, tension is high and a huge concern is what happens if the electricity goes out while you're on the elevator. He lives on the 17th floor of his building. He left to go buy batteries -- which are sold out everywhere. I've been stuck in an elevator and I would be freaking out right now. I was stuck inside an elevator for less than an hour and I had a complete panic attack. I feel for the people on the East coast.

Tune in to DirectTV Channel 349, the INFO channel, for updates being broadcast live from WNBC and WCBS in NYC. I've been glued to this channel all day long. It was just reported at 5 p.m. that windspeeds are at 90 mph but it's going to slow down quite a bit.

Has Hurricane Sandy directly impacted your life? I'm glued to the TV and my own home office is based in NYC. I wish the best for my coworkers and everyone in Sandy's path. Vote in my poll.


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