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"Dallas" Season 2 Finale Reveals J.R. Ewing's Killer

By April 16, 2013

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The Season 2 finale of Dallas revealed that the only thing that could take down J.R. Ewing, was J.R. himself.

In a heartwarming moment beside J.R.'s grave, Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) finally revealed J.R.'s "Master Plan" to John Ross and Christopher. Apparently J.R. knew he was dying of cancer. He also knew that the dirty rat Cliff Barnes (Ken Kerchival) showed up in Mexico each year for a fishing event. J.R. asked his longtime friend/henchman Bum to shoot him (dead) and make it look like Barnes did it.

Bum tearfully admitted that he carried out the order to kill his fried, J.R. John Ross shook his hand as he walked away.

Yes, I shed a few tears too because this show is as good as it ever was in the 80s.

After making a trip to Zurich, Christopher found out that his mother (Pam Barnes) had gone through several surgeries after a car accident left her disfigured -- and then she developed pancreatic cancer. Pam was hoping to get better to see her little boy but she died without speaking a word to Christopher. She did leave him 1/3 of Barnes Global (not too shabby). Too bad Cliff didn't let Christopher in on that fact for the past 24 years. If you add that to Pamela Barnes' shares, the Ewings are back in control of Barnes Global (since she married John Ross last week).

Poor Cliff
So poor Cliff's stuck in a Mexican prison because it now looks like he shot J.R. in Mexico. He lost his freedom, he lost two-thirds of his company. But don't count him out just yet; he contacted Elena to tell her that J.R. had tricked her Dad out of some oil-rich land years ago. He urged her to check it out and of course get even.

Like Father, Like Son
The show ended with John Ross hopping in bed with *surprise* Emma -- not his wife Pamela -- as "payment" for helping him obtain some information on her dad, the evil Harris Ryland (also in jail). Has he even been married for a week? Oh well, he is a Ewing. And Josh Henderson plays him well. Very well.

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