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Fort Worth Resident Tim Halperin's American Idol Journey

Get to Know the Talented Singer-Songwriter With a Big Voice and a Heart of Gold


Fort Worth Resident Tim Halperin's American Idol Journey
Frogs for the Cure

Tim Halperin is a 23-year-old from Omaha, Nebraska and resident of Fort Worth that is currently appearing in American Idol Season 10. He will be singing for his life on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 and he wants your support.

Tim Halperin Info

Voting for Tim on American Idol

Fans can see Tim Halperin perform again on American Idol which airs at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 1, 2011. His song choice was "Streetcorner Symphony" by Rob Thomas. Voting will take place for two hours after the show ends (at 8:30 p.m. CT). Vote for Tim by phone or text messages and this year you can even vote online.


American Idol producers tend to seek out personal stories in the young contestants. They seem to hone in on single Moms and people who had to overcome tremendous obstacles. While those stories tug at your heartstrings, sometimes they miss the back stories like Tim Halperin's. He has a habit of giving without limits and has a heart of gold.

Talent at an Early Age

Details on Tim's early life and how he came to TCU.

Frogs for the Cure

In summer of 2010, Halperin was asked to help with TCU's Frogs for the Cure program to raise awareness and support for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. "We needed a song for a tribute video to breast cancer survivors," explained Ann Louden, Frogs for the Cure Chair and Chancellor's Associate at TCU. "I approached Tim about using his music. He totally took me by surprise by offering to write a song for the cause." Halperin wrote the song "We Fight Back." It was completed in five days--just in time for filming of the video at the start of August.

Halperin's "We Fight Back" Song and Video

"Frogs for the Cure" video featuring Tim's Song "We Fight Back."

It wasn't hard for Halperin to find inspiration for the song. Louden, his mentor and friend, is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed shortly after meeting Halperin when he started to school at TCU. "I'm sort of like his Fort Worth Mom," she said with great pride.

Not only did the song set the tone and captivate the 1,500 people on campus who were in the video, it inspired breast cancer survivors everywhere. Even before the "We Fight Back" video debuted at the halftime of TCU's "Frogs for the Cure" football game on October 16, 2010, Halperin heard from survivors all over the country who had learned about the song and were moved by the message and lyrics. "We Fight Back" became a rallying cry for the 35,000 participants in the Dallas Komen Race for the Cure where Halperin also performed the song for the walk of survivors on the morning of October 16, 2010.

And that was just the beginning of what he said the biggest day of his life. He sang the National Anthem before the TCU-BYU football game. "He met breast cancer survivors and he was moved," Louden said. Halperin also performed a free concert immediately after the football game in Frog Alley.

Tim Halperin's Video for "She Runs"

She Runs. This incredibly creative piece of work was filmed with one continuous dolly shot with moving sets. That's just amazing.

Final Comments on Halperin

"He's just a great person in every way," Louden said. "He is a church-going, kind-hearted, fine young man. He deserves it (to move to the next round on Idol).

Facebook Message from Tim's brother Andy Halperin

Dear family, friends and fans of Tim:

First, I can't begin to tell you how much your support of Tim means to him and our family. I talked to Tim last night and he expressed how humbled he is by the outpouring of support from all of you. Words can't express how grateful we are.

Tuesday (3/1/11) is a huge day for Tim in his music career -- it literally could change his life. He has made it so far with all of your support -- and now we have the opportunity to vote him through to the next round!


I Have “Mad Love” for this Idol Hopeful.

Tonight’s the Night for Halperin plus good luck wishes from Nancy G. Brinker.

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