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Singer/Vocal Coach Chloe Colman Talks About American Idol's Hollie Cavanagh

Teenage Student From McKinney Advances to Top 5


Singer/Vocal Coach Chloe Colman Talks About American Idol's Hollie Cavanagh

Local singer/performance coach Chloe Colman

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One of my favorite TV shows is American Idol so it was an honor for me to sit down Monday with singer/vocal coach Chloe Colman and get a little insight about one of her star pupils, Hollie Cavanagh. Last week Hollie made the show's elite Top 5 and the competition is really heating up.

Colman, now a resident of Addison, was born in Dunfermline, Scotland and raised in Perth. A beautiful and talented singer herself, Colman coaches local talent. She first worked with Cavanagh at The Guitar Sanctuary's Performance Academy in McKinney before deciding to work independently with aspiring talent.

Hollie Cavanagh

The McKinney teen has two brothers (Luke and Aaron). Luke has been instrumental throughout the competition -- doing things like setting up local "Watch Parties." You attend a watch party at The Pub in the historic downtown McKinney Square at 204 W. Virginia.

According to Colman, her closest friend is Skylar Lane, who has been Hollie's roommate throughout the competition. She's also become especially close to Elise Testone and Joshua Ledet.

About Hollie: Nerves Turn into Confidence

Chloe and I talked about Hollie's recent performances, her nerves and the new-found confidence on stage before millions of viewers. "She puts a lot of pressure on herself," Colman said. "She goes on the tour (this summer) which is about 4 months. By the time she’s finished that, she’ll have no problem with nerves. It’s going to be a huge experience for her." One of Hollie's best performances was her version of Adele's "Running in the Deep".

And regarding some of the negative comments from the judges. "I think she’s learned to kind of let it roll off when they say something (negative)," Colman said. One of Cavanagh's bold song choices was Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take the Wheel." Some of the judges were a little critical about her performance (which I thought was great). “Even Stevie Nicks cracked. I loved it," Colman said. Here's more from that performance week.

"When she’s able to pick her songs, she’s fantastic. At this point, you’re in the Top 5 and you’ve won anyway," according to her vocal coach.

Hollie's Positive Influence

Hollie's experience has definitely motivated Colman's other students. "The first year Hollie tried out, it encouraged another to try out for The X Factor and again this year. It proves a lot to these kids, that they have nothing to lose but everything to gain," the performance coach said with pride. "I'm very lucky to work with and know Hollie and have her experiences encourage my other singers. She's a role model in more ways than one."

Can Hollie Win Idol?

"Yes!" Colman enthusiastically said. "She is a phenomenal singer. She is grounded. She’s beautiful. She’s only going to get better and better. I would buy her records any day." Hollie's performances are available on iTunes.

Vote for Hollie Cavanagh

Toll-free voting is available for two hours after the performance show. It's an 866 number (not an 800 number). You also vote by text messaging by sending the word "vote." And you can also vote at www.AmericanIdol.com if you have a Facebook account up to 50 times.

May 2 Watch Party

Tonight's Watch Party is at the McKinney Performing Arts Center at the Historic Collin County Courthouse, 111 N. Tennessee, McKinney, TX 75069. 972-547-2650.

Colman's Upcoming Events

Chloe is busy preparing for "C-4 Summer Camp." It's a performance camp that she calls "very Glee-inspired." Campers will be very hands-on -- being involved with every aspect of a musical production from singing and dancing to designing and building props, choosing costumes, performing weekly performance for the teachers, and then the grand finale show. Call 972-689-9143 for more details on C-4 Summer Camp.

Keep your eyes on Chloe Colman in the future. Stay tuned for details on where you can see her perform in DFW. And don't be surprised if you see her audition in the future for NBC's The Voice. More on Chloe Colman.

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