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Fort Worth Opera


Texas's oldest continuously performing opera company, the Fort Worth Opera was formed in 1946 by Mrs. E. L. Snyder, Mrs. August Spain, and Mrs. Jeanne Axtell Walker. Seven months after forming, the Opera opened with La Traviata. Since then, more than two hundred performances have entertained Fort Worth residents and visitors.

Opera Festival:

The Fort Worth Opera performs at Bass Hall in downtown Fort Worth. In prior seasons, the company has followed a traditional fall/winter opera season schedule. 2007 marks the first time they will try a festival format.

Children's Opera:

The Fort Worth Opera organizes smaller opera shows for children. The performances last forty-five minutes with a question and answer session, giving the kids a window into an art form. The performers will travel to a school or organization or your group can go to the Scott Theatre. The fee for the Children's Opera is $2 per student, with a minimum of $500.

Being in the Opera:

The Opera Chorus needs new singers from time to time. Auditions are held whenever an opening occurs. To be notified of auditions or to find out more information, contact Tony Kostecki at (817) 731-0833, ext 19, or email tkostecki@fwopera.org

Attending the Opera:

The Fort Worth Opera plays at the Bass Performance Hall in downtown Fort Worth, located at Fourth Street and Calhoun Street (taking up the entire block). The parking garage is across Fifth Street from Bass Hall and has entrances on Fifth and Sixth Streets. Tickets can be purchased online for individual operas or for the season. Donations are also accepted online for any amount.
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