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Hollie Cavanagh Nails "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele on "American Idol"

Who Will Go Home This Week?


It was the night DFW residents have been waiting for because Hollie Cavanagh proved that she had the singing chops that everyone knew she possessed. The teen singing sensation from McKinney kicked the night off by singing Adele's "Rolling in the Deep."

The seven American Idol finalists had to sing two songs during Wednesday's performance show -- including a No. 1 hit from 2000 to the present and a soul song from back in the day.

A New Day

As the evening's first performer, Cavanagh showed some new-found confidence. Starting out a capella helped build the song's energy and emotion. The singer appeared a lot more relaxed and acted out the torchy ballad.

Despite the fact that she looked amazing, that wasn't the first comment by the judges. When the judges say you look good first, it usually proves to be the kiss of death.

Judge Steven Tyler said, "I got to say, you finally did what all of America was waiting for you to do. You finally came out of your shell, you ruffled your feathers a little...I can't judge it; it was perfect."

"I'm so happy right now," said Jennifer Lopez. "When we say 'no thinking,' that's what you did. You just forgot about everything and you just sang that song. You felt every word of it. You did it!"

Then Randy Jackson kind of rained on the totally positive moment with his backwards compliment. "I'm not going to say it was perfect -- but it was close to perfect." He said that what he loved was that she showed some emotion for the first time. "Hollie, very well done," he said.

Cavanagh said she felt on track from the first note and this was the "comeback" song.


Hollie admitted to Jimmy Iovine that she got nervous before her performance. Well goodbye nerves. Hello confidence. And just in time as the competition heats up.

Round Two

The "Soul Train" part of the show proved to be another exciting performance for Hollie. She brought out a really nice big last note to impress the judges and fans.

"That was crazy!" said Randy Jackson with much enthusiasm. "Dude, you worked it out!" Jackson said he liked it better than Adele.

I think she totally brought it with Adele - but she had a great night. She should be safe for another week -- but vote for Hollie America! We want to keep her going to the next round!

There was one thing that shocked me. I couldn't believe that Jackson didn't say, "She's in it to win it, Ryan!" I guess that's been said a time or two -- or twenty.

Because the judges' save was utilized last week to keep Jessica Sanchez, a singer will likely leave during Thursday's results show -- unless there's some unknown surprise in store. Stay tuned to FOX.

Catch Hollie as she performs as part of the touring Top 10 in Dallas this summer.

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