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Everman Independent School District


Everman ISD:

Everman Independent School District is located to the southeast of Fort Worth. More than 4,200 students attend Everman schools. Everman ISD serves the city of Everman and portions of Fort Worth and Forest Hill with four elementary schools, one intermediate school, one junior high, one ninth grade center, one high school, and one alternative school.

Contact Info:

  • 608 Townley Drive
  • Everman, Texas 76140
  • 817-568-3500
  • Web Site: Everman ISD
  • Superintendent of Schools:

    Dr. Jeri Pfeifer

    Board of Trustees:

    The Board meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Monday of each month (unless holidays make it necessary to change a date). Meetings are in the Board Room of the Administration Building at 608 Townley Drive.

  • Rick Burgess, President
  • Gary Balch, Vice President
  • Vicky Garza, Secretary
  • Charles Baxter
  • Marilyn Hodge
  • Anthony Nevels
  • Ruby Herring
  • Dr. Lonzetta Smith-Allen
  • Jobs:

    First year teachers who are degreed and certified will receive at least $46,250 for the 2010-2011 school year. To apply for a job -- teaching or non-teaching -- with the Everman ISD, visit their web site and click on "Employment" on the left side.

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