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A Kids' Party at Build-A-Bear Workshop


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Build-A-Bear Workshop - Unstuffed Animals
Build-A-Bear Workshop - Unstuffed Animals

Build-A-Bear Workshop - Unstuffed Animals

Heather Carr

The Build-A-Bear Workshop party starts with unstuffed animals. The exact variety of animals available for building changes often, but there is always several bears, a few dogs, and a smattering of other species. There are often special promotional animals, such as the Hannah Montana bear or the series of wildlife that benefited the World Wildlife Fund.

On the day of this party, the selection included bears of various shades of brown with fur that ranged from smooth to curly, a pink bear covered all over with white hearts, three dogs -- a black lab, a terrier, and a black-and-white puppy, a frog, a unicorn, a sheep, a seal, and some cats. The prices ranged from $10-$22.

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