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Thanksgiving in DFW

Where to Find a Cajun-Fried Turkey, a Thanksgiving Buffet and Other Fun Options


Whether you're planning a traditional Thanksgiving meal or looking for some unique options, here are some suggestions to make your DFW Thanksgiving holiday memorable. Believe it or not, some stores are actually opening on Thanksgiving Day so you can enjoy some shopping madness.

1. Where to Buy a Cajun Fried Turkey

You love 'em but you don't want to have to cook one. Sure it sounds like the manly thing to do: buying a turkey fryer at Costco, a really big bird and 150 gallons of peanut oil. But there should be an easier and less expensive way to get that firey flavored fowl. Here's a handy guide on where to find a Cajun Fried Turkey in the Metroplex -- and you know it will be delicious. Does your cooking experiment come with any guarantees?

2. Where to Buy a Ham for Thanksgiving

Some Thanksgiving tables just aren't complete without a ham. It's my Mom's favorite part of the meal. Here are some DFW businesses that specialize in ham. Spiral-cut, honey-glazed, smoked delicious meat. These are guaranteed to be better than those canned hams that David Letterman gives out on his TV show.

3. Restaurants Serving Delicious Thanksgiving Buffets

Does the stress of cooking for your in-laws leave you feeling like you just got axed from an episode of "Chopped?" Then take the family out for a stress-free dining experience. Several restaurants in DFW are offering a wonderful buffet lunch or dinner.

4. Favorite Fall Treats

Courtesy of Cafe Brazil

A change of season means a change in flavors. Fall brings around those rich, spicy aromas like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Does anything smell better than pumpkin muffins baking in the oven? I love a Pumpkin Spice Latte on a cool morning. There are several delicious seasonal treats you should sample before the next holiday rolls around the corner.

5. Thanksgiving Celebrations in DFW

Whether you wake up early and run the Turkey Trot or just watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on tv, families in DFW celebrate Thanksgiving in many wonderful ways. Create some new memories and traditions this year with loved ones. My favorite memory was watching the Dallas Cowboys football game with my Dad, grandfather, uncles, and cousins while the women did the dishes and cackled in the kitchen. I usually spent a little time in the kitchen so I didn't miss out on the gossip. 

6. Black Friday Shopping

©Angela Patterson

Technically Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. But I have to include this important shopping information because some stores actually open on Thanksgiving Day. Seriously! Walmart opens at 8 a.m. So does Toys R Us. That's 8 p.m. on Thankgiving evening. So gobble, gobble up your food, watch the Dallas Cowboys game, take a turkey and carbohydrate-induced nap so you can become one of the zany, gotta-be-there-first shoppers. Let me know how that goes because I'll be at home having a second (or third) helping of my brother-in-law Dale's homemade Coconut Meringue Pie. Happy shopping everyone.

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