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DFW Holidays


November marks the beginning of the holiday season. Experience holiday shows, concerts, parades and all sorts of fun seasonal events -- plus shopping, dining and more. Check back often as content will be updated throughout the season. Happy holidays!
  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Christmas
  3. Celebrating the New Year
  4. Holiday Foods
  5. Holiday Gift Giving and Shopping


Thanksgiving is the time for friends and family, food and fun. Whether you dine out, get take-out or prepare a feast yourself, enjoy the time you have with the ones most important to you.


Tis the season for shopping, awesome food and treats, holiday parades and shows, and my personal favorite: holiday lighting displays. Have fun exploring DFW in all its glory!

Celebrating the New Year

Where did 2011 go? Whether you dress up or down, dine at a 5-star restaurant or simply gnosh on something casual like Mexican food, New Year's Eve is to be celebrated. DFW has some of the best restaurants, bars and pubs.

Holiday Foods

In this section you'll find restaurants that are open on Christmas day, where to get take-out for a quick-and-easy holiday feast, the best foods of the holiday season, foods that make great holiday gifts and more.

Holiday Gift Giving and Shopping

It's better to give than to receive -- and I love to shop. Here are some holiday gift-giving ideas. Remember, you don't just have to buy a present. You can donate to a local charity as well. Most charities will accept a gift of your time as well as a contribution of food, money or clothing. Blankets and coats are especially appreciated this time of year.

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