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Photo Gallery: Foods From the State Fair of Texas

Many are Fried But We Have Cotton Candy too!


Everyone loves the incredible food at the State Fair of Texas. Some come for the fun -- others just to sample fried fill-in-the-blank. Yes, there's a lot of fried food at the fair. How do you decide between Fried Lemonade and Fried Oreos? Grab a friend or two or five and share. You can eat your way across the Fair and never try everything during the 3-week run. Or can you?

The State Fair of Texas runs from September 28 through October 21, 2012.

Best bets: try the Fried Lemonade because it's yummy, Fried Oreos for the novelty, and Fried Black-Eyed Peas for good luck!

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Fried LemonadeFried ChocolateTexas Fried CaviarTexas Fried Frito Pie
Fletcher's Original Corny DogsFried TamalesCotton CandyChicken Fried Bacon
Deep Fried LatteFried Oreos
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