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Government & Local Issues

Government, utilities, and community organizations that serve the Dallas area.

The George W. Bush Presidential Center
The George W. Bush Presidential Center on the SMU campus will open to the public on May 1, 2013.

Where to Get Free Flu Shots in Dallas County
If you're unemployed, have no insurance or you're on Medicaid, you can get a free flu shot for yourself or your child in Dallas County.

DFW Celebrates Veterans Day
Veterans Day is always observed on November 11 regardless of the day of the week on which it falls.

Country singer Randy Travis was arrested for a DWI after he attempted to buy...
Country singer Randy Travis was arrested for a DWI after he attempted to buy cigarettes buck naked in a DFW area convenience store! Naked. The singer lives on a ranch in Sanger, Texas.

Detectives on Patrol Cuts Crime for 2011 in Dallas
Both violent and non-violent crime rates drop in Dallas thanks to a detectives-on-patrol rotation program.

Dallas County Hosts Free Immunization Clinic August 13, 2011
Free immunization clinic Saturday in Dallas County.

Dallas North Tollway Now Open Between Keller Springs and Belt Line Roads

Three lanes in each direction on the Dallas North Tollway between Keller Springs and Belt Line roads reopened Sunday morning ahead of schedule. Saturday’s full road closure allowed contractors to safely demolish the Keller Springs Road toll plaza. Both TollTag and ZipCash customers should use all three available lanes.

DFW Restaurants Offering Free Meals on Veteran's Day
Some restaurants are offering free meals to veterans on Veteran's Day, which is November 11.

Phase 4 of President George Bush Turnpike / SH 161 begins
Construction is underway on Phase 4 of the President George Bush Turnpike Western Extension (PGBT WE), also known as State Highway (SH) 161.

Swine Flu School Closings
School districts across Texas are closing as a precautionary measure against the spread of swine flu. UIL-related activities have been suspended until May 11.

Back-to-School DFW: Get Your Immunizations
Get your back-to-school immunizations so you don't get sent home on the first day.

Tea Party 2009
The tea parties across the nation on April 15 were meant to evoke the Boston Tea Party, a well-known event in American history where colonists protested taxation without representation by dumping British tea into Boston Harbor. Today we have representation, but many people feel that they are being ignored when it comes to decisions on how to spend the tax money. The tea party at Dallas City Hal…

Volunteer your spare time or give your spare cash to help people in need. Opportunities exist in many areas.

Voting in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex
Find information on local, state, and national elections. County election web sites will help you find polling places, ballot samples, and other information.

Tax Appraisal Districts
Property taxes fund local services, such as public schools, fire and police departments, and maintenance and upkeep of city and county roads. Appraisal districts do not set tax rates, but they do value the properties, both commercial and residential, that are taxed. If you think your property is overvalued, an appraisal district is the one to contact.

Collin County Elections
Collin County has nearly a half million citizens eligible to vote. Registering to vote is simple and quick. Information on elections, polling places, and more is available on the Collin County Elections web site.

Voter Registrars in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex
Voting is an important right for United States citizens. To exercise that right, you must register to vote. After filling out the voter registration form, mail it in to the voter registrar in your county of residence. Here is a list of voter registrars in the counties of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex:

Register to Vote
Voting is an important right for Americans and to exercise that right, you must be registered to vote. Texas offers several ways to register -- by accessing a web form or stopping by a local post office, library, or courthouse.

Vaccinations for School in Texas
Children attending school in Texas are required to have been vaccinated for nine communicable diseases before entering grades kindergarten through twelfth. Children attending day care in Texas must also be vaccinated for three more communicable diseases.

Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Weather
The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex has its share of wacky weather, but for the most part, our seasons are predictable: hot in the spring, really hot in the summer, hot in the fall, and intermittently hot and cold in the winter. All kidding aside, here is some pertinent information for local gardeners, travelers to the region, or trivia buffs.

Red Light Cameras
The SafeLight Program using red light cameras started in Dallas on 11 Dec 2006. Red light cameras watch high-risk intersections with a history of traffic accidents and photograph cars running red lights. The owners are then tracked down through the license plate numbers and fined through the mail.

Connect Your Utilities Online
Connect your utilities online with just a few simple steps.

Voting in Dallas County
Find information about voter registration, precinct information, early voting, and other necessities of voting in Dallas County.

Tarrant County Elections
This web site has information about voting in Tarrant County.

Denton County Elections
All you need to know for voting in Denton County.

Voting in Collin County
Precinct information, voter registration, and election results are a few of the things you'll find on this web site.

Dallas County Health and Human Services
Dallas County Health and Human Services has extensive pages with the latest health information on immunizations and alerts, including Pertussis or West Nile virus.

Tarrant County Public Health
Tarrant County Public Health site has information on the latest health issues.

Green Dallas
What can you do to make Dallas greener? This site by the city of Dallas offers tips, services, and programs for adults and kids alike.

Health Fairs
There are a number of health fairs, screenings and expos in DFW.

Nancy G. Brinker Book Signing October 12 at Borders Books in Dallas
Nancy and her sister Suzy were inseparable until when in 1977, at the age of 34, Suzy was stricken with breast cancer. Three years later, having endured an uninformed doctor, surgeries that left her feeling mutilated, fighting through chemotherapy and radiation, Susan G. Komen lay dying. She begged her sister to do something to make sure that...

Voting in Dallas County
Voting in any type of election is an important way to voice your opinions regarding elected leaders and overall policies. Registering to vote is easy. Information on elections, polling places, and more is available on the Dallas County Elections web site.

Voting in Tarrant County
Voting in any type of election is an important way to voice your opinions regarding elected leaders and overall policies. Registering to vote is easy. Information on elections, polling places, and more is available on the Tarrant County Elections web site.

Flu Vaccines For Adults Now Available in Collin County
Collin County Health Care is offering flu shots for adults.

Non-Profit Charities in DFW
DFW has a number of charities that would appreciate your contributions. All accept monetary donations; some accept cars or even used household items.

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