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Voting in Dallas County

Where to Vote on Election Day


Voting in any type of election is an important way to voice your opinions regarding elected leaders and overall policies. Registering to vote is easy. Information on elections, polling places, and more is available on the Dallas County Elections web site.

1. Voter Registration:

If you want to make sure that you're registered in Dallas County and that your registration hasn't expired, the Dallas County Election website has a voter form that accesses a database of voters in the county. Type your last name, first and middle followed by your date of birth and click "Submit." If you are registered, at the bottom of the page it will read "Voter registration file current as of (date)."

After finding out that your registeration hasn't expired, add your street address, city and zip code and the form will take you to a page with your precinct number on it.

2. Finding Your Precinct:

The Dallas County Elections web site has an online form for finding precincts. Fill out your street number, street name and zip code. Click the "submit" button and your precinct number will pop up.

Below the precinct number, the polling location will appear. In addition you will see:

  • Your polling location
  • Sample ballot
  • Early voting locations
  • Early voting touch-screen demo

3. Early Voting:

Why wait in long lines on Election Day? Early voting is easy. Bring your voter registration card and go to the polling place during the times listed and cast your vote.

There are two ways to early vote in Texas:

In Person: Early voting in person generally starts 17 days before each election and ends 4 days before each election.

By Mail: You may vote early by mail if you are:

  • going to be away from your county on Election Day and during early voting`
  • sick or disabled
  • age 65/older on Election Day
  • confined in jail, but eligible to vote

A request for application for ballot by mail by mail must be submitted to the early voting clerk on or after the 60th day before Election Day and before the close of business on the 7th day before Election Day.

4. Election Results:

After the election, check the Dallas County Elections for results.

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