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Texas Star Lights Up the Big Texas Sky


Texas Star Lights Up the Big Texas Sky

The Texas Star lights up the night sky during the State Fair of Texas

Photo courtesy of Kevin Brown / State Fair of Texas

The Texas Star:

The Texas Star is the name of the Ferris Wheel at the State Fair of Texas and it's been an important fixture in the Dallas sky since it was built in 1985. It's 20 stories or 212.5-foot-tall. The Texas Star made its first appearance at the 1985 State Fair of Texas and has run every year since. With 44 gondolas that seat up to six people each, up to 264 riders can ride the wheel at once.

The Texas Star is the tallest Ferris wheel in the Western Hemisphere and the 25th tallest in the history of Ferris wheels. It can be seen from a few miles away on I-30. From the top of the ride, the Fort Worth skyline can be seen and it’s almost 40 miles away.

Texas Star Goes Green:

But don't worry, the wheel still lights up the night sky with red, white and blue during the State Fair. In 2008 the wheel’s incandescent lighting system was replaced with a longer-lasting, more energy-efficient LED lighting system. What a bright idea!

Worth the Wait:

The Texas Star is one of the most popular rides at the State Fair of Texas. But don’t be discouraged when you see the line form because it moves fairly quickly. The ride lasts about twelve minutes. I was a little nervous during my first ride because I was up so high, but it was an incredible feeling.

How Much Does It Cost to Ride?

In 2012, the cost to ride the Texas Star is 14 coupons. At 50 cents per coupon, that's $7. The majority of riders think it's worth the price.

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