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DFW Weather: 71 Days and We Have a New Record for Triple-Digit Temperatures

Stopped Short at 40 Consecutive Days But Got it for Total Number of Days


The record-breaking North Texas Heatwave of 2011 isn't over yet. DFW temperatures climbed to 107 degrees Tuesday and broke the 1980 record of 69 days of triple-digit temperatures. The good news is that the humidity is low -- like that matters when it's 107. Gusty winds in excess of 20 mph are making it an extreme fire danger day. Please don't toss cigarettes out the window. That's just not a good idea ever -- but especially today. Grass fires are popping up around the DFW Metroplex, including Waxahachie.

The Good News

And after all this heat, a cold front is coming. Yippie! After finally getting our official heat record for 2011, it should cool off and we should see some "normal" fall temperatures once again. And we might even get some rain -- yes, I said rain! If some Gulf moisture meets an upper level disturbance that's hanging out on the west coast and doesn't fall apart over the Rocky Mountains, then showers and thunderstorms are a legitimate possibility across North Texas.


Tuesday's High: 107

Number of Days of 100 degrees or higher in DFW in 2011: 71*recently updated
Days over 100 Degrees in 1980: 69
Hurray! DFW has set a new record! And today's temp of 107 broke a record for this day in history.

Number of Consecutive Days of 100 or higher in 2011: 40
Consecutive Days Over 100 in 1980: 42.
We missed the record by 48 hours and 4 degrees. If that cluster of clouds hadn't blown over here from Oklahoma, we would have beaten that record.

Tuesday: 107* Set the new record and broke the record for this day in history.
Wednesday: 100 (As of 10 p.m. it may only hit 99. We'll see!)
Thursday: 83
Friday: 87
Saturday: 91
Sunday: 93
Monday: 92
Tuesday: 92

PS: In 2011, DFW recorded 71 days of 100 degrees or higher.

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