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DFW Weather: Triple-Digit Temps End Short of Record at 40 Consecutive Days

Missed It By 2 Days and Only By 4 Degrees!


DFW Weather: Triple-Digit Temps End Short of Record at 40 Consecutive Days

Heat Wave 2011 destruction hits home.

©Angela Patterson

The biggest debate in DFW recently wasn't about Perry's potential bid for the presidency. It was whether or not North Texans wanted to break the 42-day streak of triple-digit temps.

Team Angela wanted the record. My gang of so-called "weather nerds" cheered the record along as if it were a sporting event. We lived through 1980 (bad hair and all), and it was time to beat the record. With the football-like intensity, we clung to everything that local meteorologists like Steve McCauley and Pete Delkus had to say. We wanted/needed that record.

Which spun into another debate: Delkus or McCauley? The answer there is simple. Both. We love the fact that Pete badgers WFAA sportscaster Dale Hansen relentlessly. But we've grown to love McCauley's enthusiasm for the weather and his ability to spout off new weather terms that we can overuse like "the cone of uncertainty." And we love the fact that when he says "cone of uncertainty," it's with the same excitement as if he's reading a children's story to a group of preschoolers.

Team Doug, my husband, didn't want to break the record. I'm not really sure why. We discussed the fact that back then, the football players went through two-a-days in the intense 1980s heat and only got to drink from a water hose. There were no Gatorade buckets. There were no buckets. And there certainly were no trainers -- or reasonable coaches with any good sense. And you certainly didn't complain about the heat. The term "man up" probably hadn't been used yet -- but that was what was expected back in the dinosaur ages. He later said he really wanted to tie the record and then get a good rain. I can't disagree. We need rain -- but I still wanted the record.

So Close to the Record

Regardless, we just missed the 1980 record of 42 consecutive days of triple-digit temperatures. Thanks to some clouds that blew in from Oklahoma, the temperatures at DFW hit 96 and then plunged into the lower 80s. Some areas -- like Decatur, TX -- got some rain but most of North Texas only got some much-needed relief from the extreme heat.

So we missed the record by only two days and four degrees. That doesn't seem fair, does it?

Salt in the wound?

It was 103 degrees on Friday. It's already time to start another streak. And under cloudy skies Saturday morning, Frisco only got a little rain and some relief from the heat. We deserve a good soaking for the hellish summer we've experienced.


Last Day of the 40-Day Streak was Thursday, August 12, 2011

Thursday's High:96* although parts of DFW to the south hit triple digits.

Number of Days of 100 degrees or higher in DFW in 2011: 48*counting Friday, August 13 when the streak started again.
Consecutive Days of 100 degrees or higher in 2011: 40
Days over 100 Degrees in 1980: 69

The 1980 Record Stands:

Consecutive Days Over 100 in 1980: 42

The New Streak

Friday, August 13, 2011: 1 Day.

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