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A Walking Tour of Downtown Dallas


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Neiman Marcus
Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus

Continue along Ervay Street and cross Wood Street. As you walk along Wood Street, look to your left and up to see the famous red Pegasus on top of Magnolia Hotel. This is a replica of the original 1934 Pegasus, which is on display at the Farmer's Market. At night the Pegasus lights up and can be seen from most locations in Dallas.

Cross Jackson Street and walk one more block to Commerce Street. The building across Commerce Street and to the left with the red canopies is the flagship store for Neiman Marcus, a great place to shop. Inside the department store is the Zodiac restaurant with its signature popovers. Walk down Commerce Street on the side of Neiman Marcus and window shop. At the end of the large store is the NM Cafe. Stop in for soup, salad, or a sandwich if you're hungry.

Look across Commerce Street to Jos A Banks Clothiers and right above the door is a beautiful piece of stained glass. Continue on Commerce Street and cross Akard Street. The Akard Street Mall on the left, a long greenbelt in the city, lies across from the Adolphus Hotel.

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