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A Walking Tour of Downtown Plano


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15th Street in Downtown Plano
A Walking Tour of Downtown Plano

15th Street

Heather Carr

15th Street is downtown Plano's Main Street and it's lined with everything a person might expect - boutiques and specialty stores, antiques, restaurants and tea rooms, art galleries, and more.

Across 15th is the Eisenberg Skatepark, an indoor facility designed by Arlo Eisenberg with two skate areas of 10,000 and 15,000 feet, and Georgia's Farmers Market, which is open May through November and offers fresh produce from local farmers as well as those further afield.

Turn left and walk up 15th Street. Clothing boutiques, art galleries, antique shops with their tea rooms, and sit-down restaurants beckon. Take your time. When you reach the intersection of 15th and K Avenue, turn right.

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