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News & Media in Dallas and the Metroplex

Dallas-area residents are a media-savvy bunch. More than a dozen television stations and many more radio stations are on air in the Metroplex. Newspapers abound with at least one for every town.

Trinity River Corridor Project
The controversial Trinity River Corridor Project aims to bridge north and south Dallas and stimulate a stumbling economy. But at what cost?

Online Sources for News about the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex
Many respected newspapers publish their news online as well as in print. Here are a few.

Dallas Morning News
The daily newspaper, the Dallas Morning News, serves Dallas and the surrounding areas.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
The daily newspaper, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, serves Fort Worth and the surrounding area.

Periodico El Hispano News
Sirviendo a los Hispanos desde 1986.

The Park Cities News
Serving Highland Park, University Park, and North Dallas since 1938.

Plano Star-Courier
Plano's newspaper.

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