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Dallas Cowboys vs. Houston Texans

The Preseason Texas Showdown

By Luke Starnes

Last Week’s Highlights

The Dallas Cowboys paid a visit to San Diego last week to take on the Chargers. San Diego led the game 14-7, until John Kitna was able to connect with tight end Martellus Bennett on a 19-yard touchdown pass. The game remained tied at 14 until Dallas sacked Charger quarterback Jonathan Crompton, forcing a fumble that was recovered by San Diego in the end zone and resulted in a safety. This gave the Cowboys a 16-14 victory and moved Dallas to a record of 2-1 in the preseason.

The defense essentially won the game for Dallas in an otherwise sloppy game. On the game’s first possession, San Diego marched all the way to Dallas’ 18-yard line before cornerback Terrance Newman made a heroic interception ending the drive. Later in the second quarter, the Chargers again found themselves on the 18 yard line before Bradie James was able to force a fumble recovered by Barry Church. He then returned the fumble all the way to San Diego’s eight yard line before being caught by Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers. Three plays later, Romo connected with Miles Austin on a pretty fade thrown to Austin’s back shoulder in the end zone.

Although the offense only gave up one turnover, Dallas struggled to move the ball on offense with just 54 yards rushing and just 194 total yards compared to San Diego’s 294.

Dallas at Houston

This NFL meeting should be a good one as Dallas travels to Houston to take on the Texans (0-2). Although the Texans struggled last week against New Orleans, losing 38-20, they are looking forward to the home opener against the Cowboys.

Cowboy wide receiver Dez Bryant has already been ruled out of the game Saturday, and is doubtful to return during the preseason, despite his hopes to return to the field.

This game will be treated as a dress rehearsal for the regular season, as game plans are put into place and the starters will see their most playing time of the preseason. Coach Wade Phillips said that he would like to see more offense as its lone touchdown came on a measly 8-yard drive.

This game could hold some added incentives as the two teams meet again in Week 3 of the regular season.

What: Preseason game #4: Dallas Cowboys vs. Houston Texans

When: Saturday, August 28 at 7 p.m. on CBS

Where: Houston’s Reliant Stadium

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