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10 Simple Ways to Throw the Perfect New Year's Eve Party in DFW


Let's get this party started whether it's in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Frisco or Burleson! It doesn't matter whether you pick up the phone and invite friends over or send an engraved invitation, people love to be with other fun people. So send a text message, announce your party to your friends on Facebook, or just email them, but have some fun and ring in the new year.

1. Great Party Napkins

Angela Patterson

Z Gallerie has a nice selection of fun napkins. It's a must-have accessory. New rule: even though you didn't write it, you get to take credit for the sassy sayings printed on them.

2. A Signature Cocktail

Angela Patterson

Every New Year's party needs a signature cocktail for the evening. It's great to serve other beverages like wine, beer and champagne at midnight--but create one special drink to make the evening memorable. People still talk about the year I served Poinsettias (champagne mixed with cranberry juice flowed out of a fountain for a Christmas party). 

Nightlife impresario Rande Gerber launched his signature Midnight Bar Collection at Crate and Barrel. Premium natural ingredients make it easy to shake or stir up a batch of Whiskey Bar's most popular libations. Simply add some adult spirits and ice for hip cocktail-lounge results. All-natural ingredients include fruit and vegetable juices, triple-filtered water, cane sugar, spices and seasonings.

3. Salty Food

Angela Patterson

Chips and salsa are the perfect party food. Order chips from a restaurant like La Hacienda Ranch or Mattito's for fresh delicious chips. Your amigos will thank you. Great party trays are available at many places in DFW. Try the 100-piece tailgate box of Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers. It's $84.99 and comes with two 22-oz cups of their special dipping sauce. Jason's Deli has wonderful sandwich platters, meat and cheese platters, pasta, cheesecake platters and more.

Order a holiday ham or Cajun Fried Turkey. Hearty foods may help prevent your guests from becoming intoxicated.

When in doubt, have the event catered. Blue Mesa Grill has a great menu with hot and cold appetizers and you can even set up fajita bar. They have staff to serve/clean.

4. Something Sweet

Angela Patterson

I don't know anyone who isn't a fan of chocolate--and it doesn't matter if it's the fancy chocolates or just M&Ms. I found this tasty grownup treat at Crate and Barrel and it will melt in your mouth and give you a little kick of flavor. It's made up of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, coconut oil, chocolate liquor, sea salt, dried chiles de arbol and jalapeño. It's always a great idea to serve something sweet.

It's not likely that your DFW friends will eat a slice of cake or pie--it just looks too large. Buy the 2-bite brownies, cookies or cake balls.  

5. Beer

Angela Patterson

Be sure to have a variety of beers available for your guests. If you're serving chips and salsa, be sure to get some Mexican beer like Dos Equis or Coronas to add into the mix. Any supermarket, like Kroger, can help you pick out ice cold beer.

6. Champagne

Happy New Year! Serve champagne at midnight to ring in the new year. Costco has an assortment of champagnes at reasonable prices. Try some Veuve Clicqot. It's great and around $40. Cheers!

7. Proper Illumination

Don't leave your energy-depleting overhead lights blaring. Turn them off, light some candles, or at least turn on the dimmer switch. Check out Sample House and CandleShop for some wonderful smelling candles to create a fun, festive atmosphere. If your holiday decorations are still out, let them light up the room or just string some Christmas lights across your kitchen for some festive mood lighting.

8. 2011 Party Hats, Noisemakers and Decorations

People like to wear hats made of paper. It's a fact. And adults become quite juvenile if noisemakers are on the table. If you're in a pinch, you can get balloons welcoming the new year at Kroger when you're picking up cheese trays or beverages. Party America or Party City will have a great assortment of new year's accessories. Party America's website is advertising 50% off already.

9. Ice

Show your friends you love 'em by serving ice from Sonic. I've always said that if I win the lottery, I'll have Sonic ice delivered every day to my home. It's only $3.24 a bag. The crushed ice is made from filtered water and makes a great cocktail.

10. Be Safe

You have a responsibility to your guests to make sure they do not drink too much. Serve plenty of food and offer bottles of water between beverages. If guests drink too much, be sure to have a designated driver available, offer a guest room or sofa, or call a taxi. Take the keys away if anyone acts like they are going to drive and they are obviously intoxicated. They will thank you later. 

Yellow Cab: 
Dallas area: 214-426-6262

Fort Worth area: 817-426-6262

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