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Bread Winners Cafe is Perfect Spot for Brunch in DFW This Weekend

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Bread Winners Cafe is Perfect Spot for Brunch in DFW This Weekend

BW's Eggs Benedict

Angela Patterson
I recently had my college besties in town for a girl's weekend/reunion. One is from Florida; the other lives in East Texas. I always pick the restaurants, bars and taco joints for our get-togethers so the pressure was on me to pick the perfect place.

I planned for the three of us to start our day with brunch at the Bread Winners location in Plano. It's not far from my home and brunch is served from x to x.

There was a small wait -- but it's no secret that BW's is the place to go for brunch in Plano. We waited about 10 minutes or so for a table. A few minutes after I checked in on Facebook, I heard a strange noise. I sat down and looked over the partition and it was another college friend who was enjoying brunch with the family and saw my check-in notification. What are the chances of that?! What a sweet reunion. Now I'm wishing I'd applied more makeup instead of just putting on my sunglasses and sweatshirt.

What We Ordered

All three of us ordered BW's Eggs Benedict. It's one of our all-time favorite dishes and I had that in mind when I chose BW's as our brunch headquarters. We had been out late the night before, so we went with coffee and fresh-squeezed orange juice -- although the Bloody Diablo (a Bloody Mary garnished with a bacon-wrapped jalapeno pepper) is simply divine.

We snacked on our platter of fresh breads from the bakery and enjoyed the coffee. As our Eggs Benedict arrived, we laughed at the enormous portions. "They have a half-order too," our waiter also told us. Good to know for next time and we dove into the over-easy eggs, sitting atop an English Muffin with smoked ham and Hollandaise. Wow. Yum. It's also served with brunch potatoes and a little fruit on the side.

I stopped to take photos and do social media while my friends dove into their platters. As they commented on how great it was, I snapped photos and quickly got to my dish. It was perfect. I was very pleased with my recommendation.

Other Amazing Possibilities

Chicken and Waffles

Photo Credit: Gangway Advertising
While we went with the traditional Eggs Benedict, other varities were available. Vegetarian (asparagus, broccoli, spinach and artichoke hearts), Herbed Salmon, Prime Steak and a Southern Benedict with pulled pork, frizzled onion, buttermilk biscuit and Tabasco Hollandaise.

I have sampled the Chicken 'n Waffles -- and the best thing about it is that you can have it day or night! Yes, it made Breakfast for Dinner Menu. It's comfort food at its best. Love it!

You'll also find breakfast tacos, bagels, pancakes and some incredible breakfast fare on the menu. I think the next time I go to BW's, I'll try the French Toast with jalapeno bacon.

Other hangover elixers include frozen bellinis, traditional mimosas, and frozen mango mimosas.


There are three locations in Dallas and one in Plano. The newest location is at NorthPark Center at 8687 N. Central Expressay, Dallas, TX 75225. (They offer incredible flatbreads at this location only!)
Inwood Village, 5560 West Lovers Lane, Dallas, TX 75209. 214-351-3339.
Uptown, 3301 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204. 214-754-4940.
4021 Preston Road, Plano, TX 75093. 972-312-9300.

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Bloody Diablo

Photo courtesy of Gangway Advertising
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