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The Best Enchiladas in Dallas-Fort Worth

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Enchiladas are the ultimate Mexican comfort food. They're great when it's the cold of winter. They're great in the hot summer. I don't know about you but I can eat Mexican food every day of the week! No matter what you stuff them with, they are quite possibly the perfect Mexican food.

1. Mia's

Angela Patterson
You just can't beat Mia's Cheese Enchiladas -- unless you order the Brisket Enchiladas. That tender brisket is wrapped up in a tortilla and topped with ranchera sauce. You'll want to thank Mama Mia herself! So what do you order here? Cheese or Brisket? The answer is: both! I love all the enchiladas at Mia's. Some of the very best in DFW. I guarantee it! Mia's Tex-Mex, 4322 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75219. 214-526-1020.

2. Joe T. Garcia's

Order the Family-Style Dinner and you'll get to sample some delicious cheese enchiladas. You'll also get the benefit of my favorite cheese nachos topped with this crazy good verde sauce, tacos and sides. These enchiladas are legendary. What's better? You can dine on the best patio in the DFW area.

3. Herrera's

It's so simple. They're made of corn tortillas, sauce and stuffed with cheese (or your favorite protein). But you know what? It's all in the sauce. Whatever they put in their sauce is magic. Herrera's makes authentic Mexican food. It's delicious and it's inexpensive. We used to eat at Herrera's all the time after church. I wish I lived closer to one now.

4. El Fenix

I moved to Dallas 25 years ago and as a young married couple, we really appreciated the El Fenix $2.95 Enchilada Night on Wednesdays. It's downright legendary and a family tradition for many across the Metroplex. In 2008, El Fenix celebrated its 90th anniversary. That's a whole lotta enchiladas cooked over the years. Today the Wednesday Enchilada Special is a bargain at only $4.99. I'm starting to get hungry thinking about them right now.

5. bee: best enchilada ever

Angela Patterson
Their name says it all: the best enchilada ever! Why so confident? If you can't create the perfect enchilada yourself, then no one can. I created the perfect enchilada with a blue corn tortilla, spicy chicken tinga with oaxaca mole and queso fresco. bee had some of the best mole sauce I've ever tasted. It was a perfect blend of chiles and seasonings. You taste the actual flavor -- not the salt shaker.

If you don't live in the Oak Cliff area, it's worth the drive. It's a fast-casual concept rest where you are basically the chef. Order anything you like because you really can have it your way. The possibilities and combinations are almost limitless!

bee is located at 202 W. Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208. 214-941-1233.

Update: bee has reportedly closed as of the end of 2012.

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