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Holiday Hams

Where to Find the Best Hams for Your Holiday Meal


Whether it's for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's Day, hams make a wonderful addition to your holiday dinner or buffet. Hams also make a wonderful holiday gift. Apparently late night talk show host David Letterman is a fan of pork because he often gives away canned hams during the taping of his TV show.

A nice ham is always the center of my family's Thanksgiving table. And leftovers make great sandwiches or a tasty pot of beans. Here are a few places other than your local grocery store to find a wonderful addition to your holiday table or special occasion.

1. The Honey Baked Ham Co.

Their crunchy sweet glaze just crackles with good taste. Fully-prepared, each ham is smoked for 24 hours, spiral sliced, honey baked and ready for your dinner table. Hams also make a tasty gift. Expedited shipping to 48 states available. Prices vary. Hams may be purchased from 1/4 to the whole ham. Prices are based according to weights. In 2012, a 7-pound ham was $85.95 (serves 12 for dinner/18 for buffet) and a 11-pound ham is $108.95 (serves 20 for dinner/30 for buffet).

Locations throughout DFW. Plano.866-492-HAMS.

No reservation needed. They have plenty of hams stocked up for the holidays.

2. Dickey's

In 2013, a barbeue honey ham is $59.99. Complete meal packages are available with baked potato casserole, green beans with bacon, rolls and more.

Locations throughout DFW.

3. La Madeleine

Pick up a complete ham feast with smoked, spiral-cut ham, sweet potatoes, potato gratin, green beans almondine, seven grain petit rolls, and a seasonal dessert for $94.99. This feast feeds from 8-10 people.

Locations throughout DFW.

4. Ranch Oak Farms

Ranch Oak Farm offers a variety of Smoked Hams to choose from. Smoked Hams are smoked slowly over hickory embers until fully cooked--a masterpiece of irresistible mouth-watering flavor. The Honey Glazed Ham has a honey glaze for you to add before warming for that great honey ham flavor. One of the most popular hams is the Boneless Peppered Ham, which is lean-cut and virtually waste-free.

Ranch Oak Farm is located at 3005 Bledsoe St., Fort Worth, Texas 76107. 1-800-888-0327.

Perfect for gifts. Order by December 21 for Christmas delivery.

5. Hamm's

Hamm's Custom Meats, 307 W. Louisiana, McKinney, TX 75069. 972-562-7511.

6. Ham I Am

Ham I Am is now a virtual store. You can place an order online or by calling 972-447-0440. Spiral-cut and peppered hams are available at Central Markets throughout DFW.

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