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Best Restaurants in Sundance Square

Dining Out in Fort Worth, Texas


Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth, Texas has a wide selection of restaurants -- from fast food to fine dining. Here's a guide to finding the best restaurants in Sundance Square.

Piranha Killer Sushi

Sushi. With excellent sushi and equally excellent service, Piranha Killer Sushi is an great choice for a business lunch, a quick bite with friends or family, or a nice date. Piranha's is located at 335 W. Third Street. No reservations are needed.

Taverna Pizzeria and Risotteria

Italian. Taverna Pizzeria and Risotteria has a warm, family atmosphere and a wide selection of well-made Italian comfort foods and more trendy styles of cuisine. Service is quick and friendly, so it makes a good lunch spot as well as a relaxing dinner restaurant. Taverna Pizzeria is located at 450 Throckmorton Street. No reservations are needed.

Flying Saucer

Pub Grub. The food is okay, but the main draw is the eclectic decor and wide selection of beers. Great for when you're out with friends or on a casual date. The Flying Saucer is located at 111 East 4th Street, across the street from Bass Hall. No reservations are needed.

Riscky's Barbecue

Barbecue. Riscky's Barbecue is a Fort Worth staple. There are several locations around town, indicating just how popular their barbecue is. Riscky's is great for dining out with family, friends, or a casual date. Riscky's Barbecue is located 300 Main Street, across from the Renaissance Hotel. No reservations are needed.

8.0 Bar and Cafe

American, Southwestern. The 8.0 Bar and Cafe has good food and drinks, but best of all, it has a patio with live music Wed-Sat. Great for a date. 8.0 Bar and Cafe is located at 111 East 3rd Street. They accept reservations, but reservations are not required.

Simply Fondue

Fondue. For a unique dining experience, why not try fondue? With a wide selection of meats, veggies, fruits, and cheeses, there's something for everyone. Simply Fondue makes a fun date place or just a night out with friends. Simply Fondue is located at 111 West 4th Street. Reservations are recommended. Call (817) 348-0633 for more information.

Reata Restaurant

Texas. It's not all steak, steak, and beef at this renowned Fort Worth restaurant, but the chicken, lamb, buffalo, mahi mahi, etc., are all prepared in an unmistakably Texan style. The Reata is a bit pricey -- a meal for two can easily cost $100 -- but the atmosphere, the gourmet food, and the service make it worth it. I recommend it for nice dates and business lunches or anyone else who likes good food, but I don't recommend it for the kids. There are no chicken fingers on the menu. Reata is located at 310 Houston Street. Reservations are accepted online or call (817) 336-1009.
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