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Pac Sun is Another Teen Favorite


Pac Sun is Another Teen Favorite
Angela Patterson
Pac Sun is another fun store that your kids love. You can get that "skater look" and a lot of cool items besides the super skinny-legged jeans*. The casual teen apparel includes items for boys and girls including board shorts, jeans (yes, they carry those skinny skater jeans), t-shirts, shoes, swimsuits, accessories including backpacks and more.

But in their defense, I do love Reefs flip-flops. Also in Pac Sun's favor, 30% off right now! Stores are located in DFW malls. I've been to the Pac Sun at the Allen Premium Outlets but didn't see any significant savings on Reefs.

*Personal Mom Opinion: I dislike the super skinny-legged skater jeans on boys but think skinny jeans look fine on girls. Call me "old." It's OK. Unless you are a West coast skater kid, then I'm just not a fan. We're all entitled to our ridiculous opinions, right?

Parental Warning: Pac Sun's tongue-in-cheek advertising slogan painted on store windows and promotional items says "Dress Irresponsibly." In case future "attitudes" arise, you've been warned.

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