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Admiral's Club in Terminal C at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

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The Admiral's Club in Terminal C at DFW provides a nice place to unwind and relax before a flight or during a layover. Quiet, free wi-fi, full bar, and decent snack menu makes the time pass quickly.

Walking into the Admiral's Club in Terminal C is like walking into an oasis of calm. As with any Admiral's Club across the country, a waiting receptionist took my member's number and then I stepped into the club.

Conference rooms are to the left and the bar is all the way down on the right. On the way to the bar, I passed several semi-private areas with chairs and tables. Some areas had televisions. The most recent issues of magazines, such as Bloomberg Market, Celebrated Living, Gold Digest, and, of course, American Way and American Eagle Latitudes, wait on shelves. Original art hangs on the walls and unique sculptures are arranged throughout the space.

The soft natural tones of the architecture and light jazz played over speakers lend to the relaxing atmosphere. The chairs are comfortable, but firm -- no sinking into these pieces. They're perfect for an aching back that has been carrying a computer and other electronic equipment in a backpack. Electrical outlets are near every chair for charging batteries and computers are available if you haven't brought your own.

One of the main attractions of the Admiral's Clubs is the cleanliness. Staff patrol the area constantly and keep surfaces clean of debris and polished to a shine. Restrooms are also continuously cleaned and kept smelling nice.

Food and Drink

A small menu sits in every alcove. Hot sandwiches with a side of pasta salad, cold sandwiches, salads big enough for an entire meal, and soup are available for $4.99-$8.99. Breakfast and small snacks cost $1.75-$6.99. These food prices are fairly typical for food at DFW airport.

The full bar offers top-shelf liquors, red and white wines, and domestic and premium beers. Wines are $6.50-$7 and beer is $4.50-$5. I tried a margarita for $6 and it was excellent. There's a bit more alcohol in there than it tastes like, so drink them slowly.

Traveling with Children

For most of the year, the club has business travelers and their guests -- a mostly adult clientele -- but during spring break or holidays, more families with children populate the club. I found that the club was just as peaceful during those times as it is the majority of the year.

The children's lounge has three computers with educational (and fun) games and a large television showing cartoons. A stack of books sit off to one side and several chair offer comfortable reading locations.

Traveling on Business

The Admiral's Club in Terminal C has nine conference rooms with complimentary local service. Long distance phone service is available, but long distance charges apply. Presentation boards, speaker phones with dataports, fax machine, copier, overhead projection, laptop powerpoint connection, and other business necessities come with the rooms.

Individual business travelers can find nearly twenty private areas with a rolling chair, phone, and executive-length desk.

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Michelle; operator lounge refused to let me in, Member EMALSTROM

I was actually refused to enter even though I had my necessary documentation and Platinum AMEX card by a rude and sarcastic lounge attendant who laughed and proudly provided her name as ""Michelle."" She then refused to speak to American Express on the phone to further let me in and grinned and did nothing as I demanded to speak to her manager. She deserves to be in some other type of low ranking position with that attitude and blatant disregard to follow AA very basic policies and procedures

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